Wildlife Of Africa

There is no place like Africa, specially when it comes to unique animals.

Description of The African Continent
Africa is the Second Largest Continent and that means its got all type of landscape, dessert, grasslands, rain-forests and coasts. Providing home to all kind of animals and the landscape for as different as the animal groups find living there. The continent's incredible wildlife brings visitors around the world to see Elephants, Giraffe, Lions and so many more. And their size and sounds all in their natural habitats. Let's began our Safari  in the African Savanna to know about some of the biggest animals on Earth.

Location of The African Continent
Africa is surrounded by water; Mediterranean Sea to the north Atlantic Ocean to the south and north, Indian Ocean & Red Sea bordered the land to the east and across the middle is Equator. It adds up some of the beauty and these are imaginable. In fact any zoo you visit, has a special section just for African animal. That's probably of their biggest, fastest and toughest animal on earth.

Some of the Great Animals in Africa

AFRICAN ELEPHANT ( The World's Biggest Animal )
Here you will find African Elephant, which is the Largest Animal Lives on Land. These incredible Mammal can grow more than 13 feet and weight about 15000 lbs. That's taller than 2 grows man stands top of each other and heavier than 5 cars. Elephants also lives in Asia but African Elephants are bigger. Another way to tell them apart is by looking at their ears. African Elephant has much bigger ears and their shape is kind of African continent. These large ears actually play a very important role Elephants to stay cool. They radiates body heat and helping rest of the body cool down. Splashing around the water is the another way to stay cool. Elephant submerge the water in their trunk and hose down the body & roll out the dust helps them to sun rays and heat.

Their amazing trunk make the Elephant stand up. The trunk is basically a long nose, but Elephants don't just use that for smelling, noise and water play. There are about 100k muscles in an African Elephant trunk. In sort of two fingers on the end, that's how these gentle giants grasps things including the great amount of grass, fruits and trees part that they each day. Their beautiful tusks come in handy but also make them a target from hunters. They can help dig, food and water for meal. An average Elephant needs about 300 pounds of foods a day. That's why it makes them the biggest animal on land.

But the tallest word goes to The Giraffe. They are also found in Africa. And it is five Giraffe equal to weight of one male Elephant but these moving towers are about 20 feet tall and 7 feet taller than the average Elephant. Their long neck isn't their only impressive length, Giraffe have the longest tail any other animal on land. They usually measure 8 feet long, even longer than an Elephant trunk. Like Elephants, Giraffe live in herds and like Elephants, due to their size they don't have many predators. For only occasionally Lions and Crocodiles shows upon the hunt. Giraffe have some special defenses, they have deadly powerful kick and they can run surprisingly fast about 35 miles/hr for short distance. Another interesting Giraffe facts; they only need 5-30 Minutes of Sleep Per Day. And Giraffe rarely make a sound, but that doesn't mean they don't communicate. Giraffe actually move, snores, hiss, roar and grunt. Experts think, most of their noises are probably lower than the level of human hearing.

Another fast runner is a bird; The Ostrich, which can be seen running through African Plain. What make this fast bird unique is that, it is the Largest Bird in The World. An Ostrich can outrun of a Giraffe topping around 45 miles/hr. Its a good thing too, since these massive birds are not able to fly. They are usually about 9 feet tall and weight about 250 pounds. No wonder they can't flap their off the ground. You probably heard that these birds are famous for sticking their head into the sand, but that's actually not true. The story probably comes from male Ostriches, digging shallow holes for the females to lay their eggs. Which just happened to be the Largest Eggs in The World, measuring about 5 inches tall and wide.

Africa does have an another animal famous for its love of cold weather; The Black Footed Penguin. Its also known as African Penguin. They live along the coast of southern continent temperature stacks around 20 degree Celsius. And there is something else that sets up penguin apart from colder weather relative. They make a noise like donkey, in fact their HeeHaa sound has earned their nickname in Jackass Penguin. Like Ostriches, African penguin can't fly, but there are plenty of other African birds that can fly. Like Southern Yellow-Billed Hornbill and the African Long-Crested Eagle. They all are excellent flyer. So are the African Crowned Cranes.

Are you noticing the pattern in most of these animals names. Many have to seem Africa in their names. Its because Africa has it's own species of these animals. Frogs are good example, you will only find African Bull Frog and the African Clawed Frog in Africa. Same goes for the Giant African Millipedes. And some African animals names get even more specific. The Masai Giraffe is also known as The Kilimanjaro Giraffe. It lives near Mount Kilimanjaro in the African countries of Kenya and Tanzania. The continent's river are behind the animals names too. The Red River Hog is named after it's same water and so as the Black Rhino.

Although all of these animals are consider dangerous and aggressive but its the Crocodile that hurts the most humans. These enormous beasts are named after Neil Region, it calls their home. The Neil is the Longest River in The World and these crocodiles are the most dangerous and largest crocodiles in the world. In fact if it can stand straight upon its tail, this creepy crock will be 20 feet tall, that's as tall as Giraffe. These Crocodiles can eat half of their body weight in one bite. They Find birds, Porcupines, baby Hippos and Zebras tasty and they have been known to eat humans time to time. That makes them more dangerous than any other African animals.

Here is another big African animal with some strange look. Like the Neil Crocodiles, the Neil Hippopotamus is also named after its river home. Hippos spends their night grazing the grasslands and the day in the cool current at water. That explains why their eyes, ears and nose are the top of their head. They are about 15 feet long. Not as long as Neil Crocodile but the Hippos has one impressive advantage over its fellow river dweller. Hippos are almost 8000 pounds that's equal to 16 Neil Crocodiles and probably also explains why crocodiles only eat baby hippos. The Hippopotamus does not eat meat but they have impressive mouth to open almost 180 degrees. But its horny lips that pull up the grass to eat. So may be the teeth are for protection. After all they sharpen themselves as these massive animals chew an Hippos are famous for being very unfriendly and aggressive. They live in groups of females with one male ball as their herd leader.

One of the most Africa's recognizable animal is the Zebra. Those black and white horse like creatures have to always been on guard. They are often hunted by Lions, Cheetah and Hyenas. So it make sense, they live in herds and help each other to look out for danger, they also groove each other. The worst fear is probably stumbling upon a family of lions known as the Prime.

The Lion is often called The King of The Jungle and its certainly are the top cats in the food chain. And lions aren't the only impressive cat in the continent The Cheetah is the Fastest Animal on Land. It only takes them 3 Seconds to go from standing still to running 60 miles/hr. You will find Dogs in Africa too. African Wild Dogs have some unique coloring and they travel in packs like Wolves. You might notice that they look very similar to Hyenas that also roam in the African plain. Hyenas ar neither dogs nor cats but they are in the animal family of their own.

One of a kind animal are abounded in Africa. The Meerkats lives in burrows under beneath the  African landscape. They live in group called Mobs, Gangs or Clans. Living with as many as 50 group Meerkats to a Clan. They are part of the Mangoos family and they love to eat insects with the occasional Lizards, snakes, spider and scorpion throw some added flavor. It doesn't matter that Scorpions have poisonous venom, Meerkats are immune to it. But these brave hunters do sometimes die from snake bites.

Meerkats are amazing diggers and can dig for their entire body weight in sand in a matter of seconds. That means their pray has usually no chance to get away. One Meerkat stands guard watching the predators like Eagles and Jackals; while the other Meerkats hunt.

But Dwarf Mangoos are another excellent hunter much like their Meerkats relatives. They live in large groups but these ground-water prefers African grasslands, bush-lands and open forests. Their entire clan helps to raise the family pups. Many Dwarf Mangoos  have become quite change towards people. And they love to sleep in the termite's  mounts.

As you can see Africa is full of fascinating life-forms. The Impala,  Wildebeest and the Gazelles. There are plenty of monkeys like the Mandrill and the Hamadryas Baboon. The Black and White Colobus is a smaller primate along with the varieties of Galagos, the Gorilla and the Chimpanzee are from Africa too.

African Safari Adventures
So you can see that Africa has some pretty amazing  animals. No wonder it is the worlds favorite place to visit for wildlife adventure and to know your Planet's Wildlife.


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