Wildlife Of Asia

In this article, we are headed to Earth's Largest Continents; Its Asia.

Asia includes nearly 30% of world's land and is home of 60% of it's people. But high up in the Himalayan mountains of Nepal, China and Tibet, it doesn't seem so crowded. This is where, illusive and endangered the Snow Leopard lives between 10000 to 18000 above sea level. So to keep warm Snow Leopard has thick fern and small ears to minimize heat loss. It also has white paws to distribute its weight when walking on snow and it uses it's long thick tail as a blanket to cover it's face when it sleeps.

If the Snow Leopard represents cold high elevation of extreme Asian living, then the Bactrian Camel represents the hot dry version. Although these animals are also common in high steps in Mongolia, which can get pretty cold. There are two kinds of camel and both originally came from Asia but today the Bactrian is the most common camel in Asia. The other camel; the Dromedary is mainly used in Africa. Both species have been entirely domesticated. They are used for milk, as pack animals and for transportation. The main difference between both the camels is Bactrian have Two Humps and Dromedarian have One Hump.

Being so big and having so many islands Asia is home to wide variety of fascinating animals. And bit of the Asian Mainland since Indonesian island of Komodo where these enormous lizards live. With the weight of 150 pounds the Komodo Dragon is the World's Biggest Lizard. And speaking of reptiles; the Gharial, a close cousin of crocodile floats and crawls along the river of India. It's long narrow mouth holds so many teeth.

In the heart of Asia, in the bamboo forest of mountains of China lives on of the rarest yet most recognizable animal in the world; The Giant Panda. There is only about 1600 of these bamboo eating bear left in the wild but thankfully there are breeding programs and conservation effects are under way. This Asian animal has become the symbol of all endangered species.

The Chinese Alligator is also endangered and like the Giant Panda it has a relatively small need of habitat in the wild in the eastern China. This Chinese Alligator is one of just two alligator species in the world. The other is American Alligator much of larger reptile. The average total length of male Chinese Alligator is 5 feet whereas the male American Alligator is about 15 feet long.

The Smallest Bear In The World; the Lilian Sunbear is also from Asia, specially from Tropical and Sub-tropical region of south-east Asia. Male Sunbear only weight up to 140 pounds. Comparing this the North American Grizzly Bear can weight up to 800 pounds. But the Sunbear size is too advantageous where he lives. This light weight bear is a great climber, spends most of his time to climb up trees in search of food.

There are three kind of Elephants in the world- The Asian Elephants and then we have much bigger African Bush Elephants and it's slightly smaller cousin, The African Forest Elephants. What is the difference between the African and the Asian elephants? They may look alike in a first glance but they are really quite different. The Giant African Bush Elephant with it's huge ear; shape like the continent of Africa, is the Largest Living Land Mammal but the Asian Elephant is no less impressive. Though it smaller than it's African cousins, but they can still get up 11 feet tall and weight close to 10000 pounds. But the difference is, the Asian Elephant's ears are smaller and clearly not like the shape of continent of Africa. Their back are don't shade and their skin is not as wrinkly. These Elephants have been domesticated to Asia for the centuries.

But the Asian Elephant is not the only giant animal in the vast continent and it's surrounding islands.
Just like Africa have the White Rhino and the Black Rhino, Asia is home to the Indian Rhinoceros, found in the swampy areas of North-east India and Nepal. But just like the slightly difference between the African and Asian Elephants are apparent if you look closely enough. The ways from which the Indian Rhino is differ from the African Rhino become clear with the closer look. For one thing the Indian Rhino only has One Horn while the African Rhinos have Two Horn. Also the Indian Rhino looks like its wearing Armour plating as compare to the smooth baby body skin of African White Rhino.

Meet the Asian Small Clawed Otter, a happy consumers of small animals living near the water edge from Crabs to Frogs and Snails. These Otter are the Smallest of The World's 13 Otter Species. No surprise there, since where the part of the world of Smallest Bear, Smallest Alligator and Smallest Elephant. These Smallest Otter lives in Indonesia, Southern China, Southern India, Philippines and South-east Asia. Inhabiting fresh water stream, rivers, Otters are very social animals referring to live in family group of about 12 individuals when in the wild.

Sarus Crane are the Largest of The Entire Crane Species and they make their home not only in Asia, Southern Asia and Philippines but also in Northern Australia. The people of India consider the Sarus Crane to b Sacred. In Vietnam this big bird symbolize for fertility, long life and happiness. What other birds live in Asia, Swans, Belcons and Peregrine Falcon; The Fastest Bird on Earth.

The Tiger is one of the most dangerous animals in Asia. The Tiger can be 12 feet long and weight 650 pounds, too good reasons why its the A-Pack predators. The Tiger is also more comfortable in water than Lion. Tiger takes a daily dig to cool off. There are currently 5 Sub-species of Tigers, including the Siberian Tiger and the Bengal Tiger. But not one comes from Africa, all tigers are Asiatic Cats, their range is quite wide. Beside size, how the Tiger is differ from other big cats; by its Strips. Other big cats may be on color or have spots or russets or the combination of the two but nobody else has Strips. The Tiger is stalk and ambush predators, so it's strips are good to hide in the long grass. Each individual Tiger has it's own strip pattern and there is unique as the Fingerprints. Some cats may not like water but Tiger isn't one of them. The Tiger is definitely a cat who likes to swim because in steamy Asian jungle, this is a very good way to cool off, specially when it have very heavy fern coat.

We have met an extra-ordinary verity of Asian animals but we have left one very important one out. This animal is very close to us and it also an intelligent primate with red hairs; The Orangutan. The continent of Africa is the home of 3 of the 4 great apes; The Gorilla, The Chimpanzee and The Bonobo. But its Asia who claims the 4th, The Magnificent Orangutan. The word Orangutan means "The man of forest". No other ape have such long radish brown hair or impressive chick-pads. 

These animals are social in captivity unlike the Gorilla or the Chimpanzee or the Bonobo who live in family. The Orangutan is mostly a solitary animal, living alone in the heavily forest areas on the islands of  Borneo and Sumatra. However since Orangutan has the Longest Child Of All The Apes. Mother lives with their young upto about two years. An Orangutan senses, hearing, sight, smell, taste and touch are very similar to us and often so are their expression. Orangutan is Omnivorous, meaning they can eat both plants and animals but more of their diet is vegetation. Unlike the Tiger they won't swim but they do use tools and each evening they build a sleeping nest in the tree branches.

Asia is also home to the smaller apes; The Gibbons. These small, slender, long armed and tree dwelling primates all come from the South-East Asia. They are dextrose in the trees as the spider monkey from South America. And they can swing so fast, almost no predators can catch them. Not even free crawling Tiger.

Now its time to say Sayonara to Asia.                                         


  1. Learning about these animals makes me want to visit Asia!

    1. And you will find some more interesting creatures for sure.

  2. I am from Asia (Philippines) and I have only seen one animal from this list.. :)


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